How to Set Goals And Not Forget About Them

Each year we set goals at the new year. The thought of a new year equates to a new you. We write down our goals and dream for the best. All of this works well, but we need a plan to help our goals become reality.

According to some of the areas that people make goals around are money, health, career, self-improvement, family, and love. Are you one for setting goals in one area or do you do multiple areas for your goals? 

Another interesting fact that I read from is that most resolutions do not work because people forget about them. I can see that. I forget what my word of the year is the day after I created it. 

One way to help you not forget what your goal is and to succeed this year is to write it down. Put it the goal on post-it notes around your house. Put it next your alarm clock so you see it when you wake up in the morning. Put it next to your bathroom mirror so you can see it as you prepare for the day. Post it next to your computer at works so you see it throughout the day. 

Once you have written down the goal it is time to come up with an action plan of how you are going to achieve this goal. 

What is your goal?

Why are you doing this goal?

List out the action steps to complete this goal. Maybe do 3-4 steps. More than that you problably will not do. (Kind of like a long receipe…who wants to complete a 15 step recepie?)

Give yourself due dates on when the action steps need to be done.

After you complete writing down your goals and action steps put those action steps into your calendar so you remember your due date. 

Here is an example of a goal broken down.

Goal: Lose 15 pounds by March 13.

Why am I doing this? I want to lose 15 pounds because I want to be able to keep up with my kids.

Action steps:

  1. Complete 5 yoga lessons in the morning.   Due Date: Every Friday.
  2. Eat one vegetable and fruit daily.   Due Date: Everyday
  3. Drink half my body weight in ounces. Due Date: Everyday  

Okay so every Friday in my calendar I will put a note – “Did I complete 5 yoga lessons in the morning?” One step further is to actually schedule it in your calendar to do the yoga lessons. 7am – 7:30am yoga.

The second actions step is to each one vegetable and fruit daily. Maybe set your alarm to go off each day to remind you to eat the that healthy treat. At 5pm you will get a ting to remind you to eat.

The last action step is to drink more water. I have seen those water cups that have the ounces and motivational words written on the side. If you need a visual reminder that way…splurge and get one of those water bottles. I bet you can find tons on ETSY or Amazon. 

What do you think? With these ideas will you be able to make 2021 the best year for your new goals? Are you ready for the new you!?!?!

As a gift to help prepare you on your best year ever I am attaching a PDF of goal sheet for you. 


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