Letter to my 21 Year-Old-Self

Dear 21-year-old me,

Hello! How is it going? Hard to believe that 20 years ago I was 21. I was talking to Josh, my husband, how I feel old to think that 21 was 20 years ago. 

If I remember right, you are just celebrating your 21st birthday. You are just starting your journey in the Air Force at a new base. This coming year will be you getting used to being an adult.  

I thought I would send you some advice that I have for you that I have gathered over the past 20 years.

Live in the present moment and appreciate where you are at.  

Know your values. Keep that in mind for when you choose the type of people you hang out with. Also knowing your values will help you decide later on in life what career to pursue after you leave the Air Force. 

Always say thank you. Remember no matter how hard life will get, it is important to remain grateful for what you have. 

It is okay to set boundaries for yourself. Keep those friends in your life that fill you with energy. You can let of those friends that drain your energy. It is always hard to say “no”, but to maintain your boundaries you need to learn how to say it. 

Don’t live your life according to other people’s standards. You don’t need to be married by you are 25 and have a kid within a year of marriage. You are your own individual. 

You are loved. There are times that you will feel that you are loved. But you are loved. 

Okay, well I figure you are about to go hang out with some fun friends and enjoy being 21. 

Be safe!


The older you

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