How to Rejuvenate Your Goals for 2021

Alright we made it to the end of January! How have your goal setting and keeping go for 2021 so far? 

Looking back, I can say that I meet some of my goals and others just fell flat on their face. January has been full of a lot of stress for me personally.  

Goals that went well for me were connecting with individuals in my networking group, blog 3x a week, and read 2 books a month. I am on my second book currently.

One goal that did not go well for me was working out. However, I am changing up my morning routine to allow me work out. 

A lesson that I have learned from this past month is that you need to schedule in the goals that you are trying to achieve. 

For example, at 1pm you can put down take time to stretch and walk around the house if that is one of your goals. 

Since I bullet journal, I put down the time that I do my morning routine, homeschool, and appointments for each day. Then for the goals I create tasks for that day.

The pencil has become my best friend with my ever changing plans.

Of course, I did create a page for my morning routine so I would know what to do during that time. I did that the same for when I am my working time so I would not miss a task during that time. 

Hopefully there has been an idea here on how to rejuvenate your goal for this year into your schedule. 

Have a blessed day! And remember you are loved!

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