Build Confidence with Drawing

Recently I started doing Mommy nights with my children. That means we hang out and do something that they would like to do with mom. My son usually likes to draw then watch a movie. 

Taking time to create with my son has a been an adventure to say. He has me draw something from a video then he selects another video and draws his own creation. We draw our inspiration from the YouTube channel Art 4 Kids Hub. 

This time has help us build our confidence in drawing. The educator in me is excited to do this activity with him because it will help build his hand and eye coordination. Another perk from learning to draw for my son is to learn to be okay with mistakes.

During the video the host will say oh you messed up that is okay. Of course, there are still a few times where he crumbles up the page and throws it away. However, with each week we are learning if we mess up that is okay and that we can grow from it.

An Ewok that my son had me draw one night. We used the videos from Art 4 Kids to help me draw this.

Another great thing about doing art with your kid is that it builds confidence. There have been a few drawings where I think he could not do that, but my son will attempt to draw the pop-up monster. Each week we draw he is building his confidence that he can do the hard things.

If the thought of drawing something makes you cringe, I suggest you find a subject that you like to draw to start. The videos on Art 4 Kids are great because the host breaks down the drawings to be manageable. If you want really simple videos there are ones for preschoolers. Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone which videos you learned to draw from.

What art project are you going to try by yourself? What art project are you going to do with your children? 

Remember you are loved! Have a blessed day!

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