Practice to Perform

“Right arm, forward halt,” are the commands I would hear over and over as I practiced how to performed for the base Honor Guard. Practice was repeated multiple times each day unless we had to serve at a ceremony as color guard or as flag bears for a funeral. 

My time in Honor Guard was not really my most favorite. First, I was told I had to be part of this group. I am very clumsy and you want me to hold a gun. The gun is not loaded with bullets thank goodness, but never less the fear of broken toes was real. Second, I was not very good in practice or during the real thing. I could never get my gun to cock and release which caused my fellow guardsmen to be grumpy with me. So, the 21-gun salute ended up being the 18-gun salute. 

Reflecting back to this time of life as a creative I did learn something. I learned that you have to keep practicing over and over again to gain a new skill.

However, there is a time when you do have to share what you have learned. Some people will love what you do, but others might be grumpy and not like it. That is okay if not everyone likes it. 

I am currently reading The Practice – Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin. He mentions that you need to ship your work to be creative. My shipping is clicking the publish button even though I am afraid of what you all might say.

Learning how to be creative is like being in Honor Guard. You have to practice and practice, but then have to perform when you say you are even if you are not ready. You have to just go for it and hope that all the rounds go off when they are supposed to.

What is holding you back? I would love to chat.

Have a blessed day! Remember…you are loved!!!

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