Take Aways From The Book – The Practice

“Something better is coming tomorrow,” wrote Seth Godin in his book The Practice. Something better is coming tomorrow. This one sentence has changed my life these past couple weeks.

Not sure where I heard about Seth Godin’s new book, The Practice – Shipping Creative Work, but I am very glad I was able to read it. The chapters are really short passages filled with motivation to start your creative practice.

The biggest lessons taken away from this book is to trust yourself, be vulnerable, and have faith. 

The art you will make will not always turn out that way you had hoped. You will make some mistakes in your journey. Adjust from your mistakes after you reevaluate what went wrong. 

When starting the practice of becoming a creative you have to commit to the journey. This is a huge piece of advice. As a chronic runner away, I am taking this time to commit to my writing and art.  I always look for jobs that seem safe and secure, but those do not bring me joy. 

Each day I am making the commitment to show up and share my creativity with others. I hope that I can help solve a problem for someone through my art. My goal is to help you rediscover your spark, joy, and love for life. 

Through sharing my creativity, I am hoping that something better is coming for you tomorrow. Not sure what that something is, but tomorrow will be better than today. Of course, there will be bad days, but it is important to look for the good in the day instead of the bad.

We have to trust ourselves that there will be good days and that we are supposed to create. If you are nervous about sharing what your creativity, start sharing with your supportive family and friends. Take steps to share with others as your confidence grows. 

Every day brings something new. 

How are you going to share your creativity with others? 

I would love to hear how your creative journey is going. 

Feel free to email me at waltzingtowardjoy@gmail.com.

Have a blessed day! Remember…you are loved!

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2 responses to “Take Aways From The Book – The Practice”

  1. I just listened to the podcast on creative rebels where Seth talks about the book. It was so inspiring Suppose my wrongs are right there in the showing up. I create every single day in my mind and with paint or paper. Showing up means you actively make and create and learn making changes as you go. Learing by Heart is a fabulous book and my word this year is make. Make a whole bunch of art and publish my books . My brand is creatively hue. It;s about being you on canvas and in life. When I say you I mean that creative curious imaginative kid who knew she was awesome. I use collage watercolor and acrylic to paint color natures elements along with my thoughts. I am still working on how to share that.
    My blog is creativelyhue.com


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