Establishing an Artist’s Night

“Ugh. There is to much to do to take time to learn this new skill,” is a thougth I have had lately while learning to become more creative. However, in the past year, I have learned to honor my time more and cultivate what really matters to me. 

When I first started this journey into creativity, I heeded the advice from The Artist’s Way and created one night for me to do whatever I wanted that was related to creativity. The book says you have to honor that time and not give it away. Yes, this is true. Setting up that boundary has been hard because I tend to fill up my nights by giving away my time to others. 

The first step to starting an artist time is to figure out what time you can reserve just for yourself on a weekly basis. Now mark that time down and DO NOT let anyone else take that time. 

Some art nights are just me watching my current binge show while painting. Other nights I watch a video on how to paint a flower or other painting ideas. You are allowed to do anything you want that will refill your creative soul. 

Taking this time for yourself is very important in building and staying connected to your dreams. 

Learning to honor that one night has helped me cultivate my dream of becoming an artist. I am building my skill while still finding enjoyment from art. 

Maybe you are reading this blog and you have been creating for years, but feel disconnected from your art. Would it help to set up a night to create that has nothing to do with your creative job? What would you create for fun and just for yourself?

How are you going to honor your creativity this week? I would love to hear about you use your artist time for just fun.

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