Rose Garden Heart Cards

When I decided to start painting, I wanted to learn how to paint flowers. Every time I see flowers, I gush about how beautiful they are. I really love seeing flowers out while driving around town. Flowers remind me of various people in my life. 

The hardest flower for me to learn to draw so far has been the rose. YouTube has provided me with great tutorials on how to paint roses, which has led me to discover various artists who teaches courses for watercolor painting. Recently I learned how to a garden rose from a course that I purchased from The Happily Every Crafter. (Which you can find here if you are interested in learning more:

From the various YouTube artist, I also learned that you can create a page of flowers and cut them out into hearts for cards.

I took this idea to create a card for my husband for Valentine’s day. 

Hope this idea helps inspire you to create something beautiful today.

I have extra hearts, so if you are reading this and would love a card, email me your name and address and I will send you a card. My email is Only US addresses please. I have 5 to send out. 

Have a blessed day! Remember…you are loved! 

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