Ideas on How to Find Time to Create

“I want to start being creative, but I don’t have time.” Have you ever thought this and wondered where you will find the time to fit one more thing into your busy day? 

For me, I ponder this constantly as I add one more item to my to-do list and try to maintain sanity and calm. One group that I am part of has a saying, “write in the cracks.” What they mean is in those breaks during your day, take that time to create. 

Think of all the time that you have a crack in your day.

  • Waiting to pick up the kids from school
  • Waiting at the doctor office
  • In the morning while the children are getting ready
  • At night when the kid is in the bath
  • While you are waiting for your oven to finish baking those delicious cookies
  • Sitting in your car waiting for sports practice to be over

If creating in the cracks does not work for you. For me, I need to set time aside because I tend to forget everything else once I start creating.

One idea to find more time to write is to wake up earlier or stay up late.

Another idea is to create an art night. Yes, one night a week dedicated to your artwork and time just for you. If you want to learn more about how to establish an art night you can read my blog here:

One thing that eats up a lot of time is social media. Imagine if you swapped out one of the times you choose to look at social media for a quick creative session, how more relaxed you would feel. 

Once you set your mind to finding the time and make it a priority in your day, I bet you will find that time you were looking for to create. Even if your creative time is finger painting with your little one, you are creating! 

I can not wait to hear how you are using your time to create. Feel free to leave a comment about how you found time to be creative in your day. 

Have a blessed day! Remember…you are loved! 

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