7 Sources to Use to Become a Life Long Learner

Most days feel like a there is a firehose is gushing water at me lately because I have a habit of over scheduling myself. Recently I decided that I am tired of swimming under the constant stream of “you have to do this,” and “you have to do that” and decided to take time to stop what I was doing and reflect on what is going on in my life. 

Last week I wrote about the 9 questions that I ask myself monthly to reflect on what I accomplished that month. This week, I wanted to focus on the first question – What did I learn this month?

My personal belief is that we are always a learner and that we never stop learning. This does not mean you have to be enrolled in a college course to be learning currently. We are constantly learning from a variety of sources everyday.

Here are 7 sources that you can start using for your learning today.

  • Podcasts – I bet there is a podcast for just about all types of interests out there. From sports, crafts, to fishing there are topics for just about anybody. 
  • Printed Material – Books, blogs, newspapers, and magazines always hold a wealth of information to help you learn.
  • News – Here in Denver one of the news stations has a section called “Driving You Crazy”. I am always learning new things about traffic laws from these articles.
  • Mistakes – Mistakes are okay, but when they are huge they tend to be costly…which is not really a fun way to learn.
  • From your community – Whether it is at work or out and about amongst your community your peers are always great teachers. 
  • YouTube – YouTube is probably a great way to get video tutorials for just about any project that you are wanting to complete.
  • Social Media – Like with podcasts and YouTube you can find anything that you are interested in learning about on Social Media. The other day I had someone recommend some SEO training from TikTok to me. 

Hopefully one of these 7 sources of information will help you become a lifelong learner. 

In case you missed it from last week, I am attaching a free download of the 9 questions to ask yourself for a monthly review. 

Have a blessed day! Remember…You are loved!

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