Crazy Quilt Inspired Artwork

I grew up with a mother who always had her sewing machine out on the kitchen table sewing a quilt or clothes for one of her children. One of the quilting styles that she experimented with was crazy quilts. 

Crazy quilts were created in the Victorian Era of the 1800s. The quilters would use random quilt work that included beading and decorative needlework. You can read more about it in this article from American Patchwork & Quilting.

Lately, in my watercolor journey, I have been pondering how to incorporate my love for landscapes and crazy quilts together. The idea for a crazy quilt landscape came to me while driving the other day and I saw some landscape artwork on an electrical box here in Lakewood, CO.

So far I have created five designs of artwork incorporating the idea of crazy quilts. 

I am loving how it is coming out. One friend of mine says it looks like it was hand-sewn.

Have you heard of crazy quilts? If so, what is your favorite aspect about them?

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