Pink + Blue = Violet

Pink + Blue = Violet

For the past two years I have been embracing creativity in my life. One concept that I am always learning about is color.

Looking at color you would think that it is straight forward. Yellow is yellow and that is it. Nope. Yellow can take on so many shades depending on what it is mixed with it. For example, yellow mixed with orange makes an orangish yellow. Somehow this concept has escaped my brain even though I have taught my children the basics of mixing colors. The basics of color mixing is yellow + blue = green, red + blue = purple, and yellow + red = orange. 

One thing that I learned with color mixing is that you can mix a color that has the main component like red and still come out with purple. For example, when you mix pink with blue you come out with a violet. The tone of purple that you achieve is completely different than if you mixed the red and blue together. 

The ideas with color and the study of color is called Color Theory. A lot of art books have whole sections dedicated to art theory. There are even some great YouTube videos available that I have learned so much from. Each day I am learning more and more about colors and how to mix them. Which colors look good with each other based on where they are at on the color wheel.

Who knew that color was so complex and beautiful? Have you studied Color Theory before? If so, what are some resources that you would recommend?

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