Pushing Through the Pain

The sun was out and everything was sprouting with joy because of the warmth in the air. However, Ruby did not feel or share any of this warmth. She felt that life was not welcoming or cozy but full of hardships and loss.

Ruby had lost her mother two months prior and could not figure out how to move on in a world that did not have her mother’s love in it. One way for her to rediscover her joy was to take daily walks around her neighborhood.  As she was walking along one day she noticed a sunflower sprouting from an unlikely area.

The sunflower was growing right next to the street where cars were passing constantly by it day and night. Everyday the flower would experience a quick force of wind push against it as  cars come whooshing by all the while breathing in exhaust smoke from the racing car. The sunflower was emerging through the asphalt and embracing any little thing that would help it grow.

Ruby thought to herself, “If this sunflower can grow under these toxic conditions then I can find a way to grow myself out of my misery.”  

Like the sunflower, Ruby’s growth toward things that will help her find love and joy again was slow; however, she discovered ways to sufficiently maintain her life so it could grow in the warmth that she was seeking. She had to remember to be like the sunflower and look for ways to adapt and flourish when things seem bleak.

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