Make A Card with Watercolor and Tape

Recently I had a bunch of birthday cards to make for some friends. I decided instead of going to the store, I would make their cards myself.

First I took some washi tape and placed it all over the blank paper. I used Arteza Blank Watercolor Cards. After I placed the tape on the paper, I then selected colors that would complement each other and painted inside the blank spaces.

After the paint was dried, I pulled off the tape to reveal a unique design.

I added words such as Happy Birthday later to the cards. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of that.

Do you think you could make a card like this? If so, please share a picture of your card with me! You can comment below or email me at

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One response to “Make A Card with Watercolor and Tape”

  1. Wow I love the checkered ones! I have been wanting to do this. You used washi tape? This would be great for my color book. I’m working on a book wth thoughts on color. Oh my this is great! Thanks!


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