100 Days of Landscape Painting

The past couple of months I have struggled with creativity. I have gone through the steps, but my heart has not been in it. I was craving direction and understanding where I am going. However, this creative journey keeps me on my toes.

My word for 2022 is simple. This is probably the hardest word for me to live by because I like to overschedule and fill up my days. One way I was not living a simple life was by signing up for all the courses that sound fun and interesting to me. Honestly, I only have about 3 hours a day to work on my art on a good day. Somedays I barely get 30 minutes to create. 

Between deciding to paint flowers or landscapes, hand-lettering, learning to draw, and trying out procreate I was going a little nutty. Recently in the co-op that I am part of they were talking about a 100-day project to re-spark your creativity.

Day 4 landscape is inspired by Kolbie Blume’s book – Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes

The hardest part of starting the 100-day project is deciding what should I focus on. The co-op that I am part of is geared towards landscapes, so I decided that for the next 100 days I should focus on landscapes. This is probably good because the first day my landscape was disappointing. 

Looking forward to the next 100 days. 

Have you done a 100-day project, if so, what was it?

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