Finding Joy on This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day we celebrate the ones we love. Valentine’s Day has taken a different approach for me since I have become a mom. 

Valentine’s Day is filled with trying to make shoeboxes look cool for your children, so they can take them to school. Picking out the right valentine cards to gift to your friends. My son picked out Star Wars’ hearts filled with candy, and my daughter made her own hearts with an eraser or key chain taped to them. The joy that fills the air as they prepare for Valentine’s Day is contagious. 

My son’s Valentine’s Day box. We bought the kit from Michael’s.

I also feel joy this Valentine’s Day towards my husband Josh. I am blessed to have him in my life. He encourages me to follow my dreams as an artist and writer. He is there to help me on the right track by reminding me not to go with something just because it is easy but go with something that will fill me with joy. Over these past few years, he has been my rock when I feel overwhelmed with emotions and helps me from going down a negative spiral. Josh reminds me to look for the good in our life.

The landscape I gave my husband for his card for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day might not fill you with joy as you remember your loved ones gone. Take a page from my husband and think of the good in your life. What is something good going on in your life right now?

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