Full Moon Arising

It is a lonely road that no one is driving by and the surrounding area is filled with a silence that fills the country. The air is then filled with sounds of laughter and glee as a family gets out of their car for a photo shoot with their two children. The family wanted to take advantage of the huge moon and try out some techniques as well. 

Full moon painting inspired by Kolbie Blume’s Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes. Day 9 of 100-day art project.

I am part of that family and I remember my mom having dry ice and I was in my witch costume for Halloween. I remember my dad taking photos of me in front of the moon with the dry ice swirling around on the ground. 

Unfortunately, I do not know where the photos are, but this painting of the moon that I painted made me think of the great time that I had with my family and the moon.
This painting is part of my 100-day art project. I got the inspiration for this photo from Kolbie Blume’s Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes book.

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