Enjoying the Moment With Nature Journaling

There is something about going outside and taking a deep breath. Nature allows us to enjoy the moment that we are in without worrying about all of our endless tasks that are need to be completed that day.

Nature shows us that it is okay to slow down and grow slowly. That there is a season of pause before we grow again into who we are meant to be.

Last week, along with my daughter and son, I went to Hudson Gardens here in Denver, CO. Hudson Gardens is a fun little garden that in the spring has a pond filled with turtles. Right now the pond is covered with ice and snow. Most of the plants around the pond were dormant because it is winter.

Picture of my children writing and drawing in their nature journal.

One activity that my children and I do is to draw what we see and make notes about it. Nature journaling allows us to pause and note what we see around us. It allows us to ask questions and ponder.

My journal is still new and kind of sparse, but I am hoping to build upon this skill.

Picture of my nature journal. Parden the spelling mistakes.

Nature has still so much more to teach me. What do you think you can learn from nature?

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