Too Much Water?

One challenge with watercolor painting is not using to much water. I use the student grade Canson 140lb watercolor paper, so sometimes I feel a little water goes a long way.

Today I was trying to paint the sky in this painting from Kolbie Blume’s book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, titled Cotton Candy Sky. The skies at first looked like hard blobs and not soft clouds. The lesson that I learned from painting this is to use less water and tap the paint in more.

Not sure if this painting would be smoother with professional-grade paper, but I believe it would be. Maybe that is a painting to try again once I get some higher quality paper.

Have you tried student-grade and professional-grade watercolor paper? If so, which do you prefer?

The left image shows my painting with too much water. The second image shows my painting with less water.

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