Both of my parents were photographers, so I grew up in a home that honored creativity. I remember riding around the panhandle of Texas with my parents as they looked for windmills to photograph. I still have one of my dad’s photos on my wall in my living room of a windmill that he took.

Windmill picture that I painted in front of a cloudy sky.

Recently I painted a cloudy sky as part of my 100 days of landscapes and decided to draw a windmill in front of the clouds. Now, from this experience, I have learned that I need to practice more on drawing windmills. I also learned that windmills have an even number of blades…just a little fact for you.

Maybe I will draw more windmills in the future. My husband was sweet and thought that the painting was great, and should try to draw more. It would be fun to draw something to honor my West Texas upbringing.

Hope this blog post finds you doing well.

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