Finding Creative Inspiration Through Koblie Blume’s Book “Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes”

One book that has helped inspire me to create is Kolbe Blume’s Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes. This book builds upon itself to allow you to gain knowledge on how to paint a variety of watercolor landscapes.

Picture of Kolbie Blume’s book.

This is the second time I have picked up the book. The first time I tried painting from the book, I just looked at the pictures and tried to paint by briefly reading what was written. This time around, I am actually taking time to read the text then paint the project. Let me tell you, the projects are a lot better this time around.

I have completed 10 of the 30 projects in the book. Of the 10 I have completed I have to say the Milkway Delicate Arch has challenged me the most. I finished the painting without including the Milkway portion of the painting. Maybe I will go back later and try to add that to another one. I did enjoy creating the arch and mixing the colors to create it.

Picture of the Milkway Delicate Arch that turned into a painting without the Milkway.

Have you read this book yet? What do you think of it?

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