Painting for Others

Recently I was asked to paint a lid for the rosary box at my church. What a fun challenge for me since I have only painted in watercolor lately.

The lid is a plastic blue lid, so the first thing I did was paint the first layer white. After the first layer dried, I applied the acrylic paint to form the roses and leaves. Feeling that the lid needed a bit little more, I mixed the pink and blue that I had to make a wonderful purple color. The purple then was used to create dots over the lid.

Picture of the lid I painted for church. The roses were painted using acrylic paint.

Once the paint dried I then applied a layer of mod podge to give it a glossy feel and to hopefully help the paint from flaking.

I love that I was able to paint something for someone else. The joy that you get to see when they receive the painting is wonderful!

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