Painting Pansies

One thing that I love about summer is all the flowers that are blooming! This year, I planted some pansies from seeds this year in a container. I placed the container outside in my backyard, so every time I look out the flowers are inviting me to come to hang out with them.

Picture of pansies that I planted from seeds.

The other day I took them up on this invitation and sat down with them to paint them in my sketchbook. My first attempt was not the best, but combining the colors and attempting to paint them was fun!

Painting that I painted inspired by my pansies outside.

I decided to see what videos were on YouTube that could provide me with more insights on how to draw pansies. I found one video by Ellen Crimi-Trent that demonstrates how to paint pansies. After I watch the video, I tried painting some pansies using pinks and purples.

Fun loose painting of pansies that I made.

I cannot wait to try painting some more pansies. 

What are your favorite flowers for summertime? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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