Trying New Things

Recently I started the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron again. I completed 10 weeks out of 12 weeks of the program in 2020 and thought it was time to restart. I have been in a creative funk lately and was not sure what direction I wanted to go.

As it would happen, I saw an email last week to join Liz Kholer Brown’s group called The Studio to learn about surface design/illustration. Interestingly enough surface design and illustration were actually on my goal list at the start of this year. However, I put it on the back burner because I was trying to simplify my life. Deciding that this might be a nudge to go for it, I signed up.

One of the first drawings I did this week was a snake plant drawing with a golden background. 

I still plan to sketch in my sketchbook and paint with my watercolors because I think it will help tie into my future goals. 

No idea where this is going to go, but I am learning to trust in my creator and let myself be led. 

Have you tried something new lately? If so, what have you tried?

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