Meow for Drawing! Meow!

Goals are meant to be broken right? That is how I have felt lately since most of my goals have not spanned out to become what I have have dreamt about. One thing that I have learned to do is to simplify my goals that way it will allow me to accomplish one thing. 

My latest goal is to draw daily or almost daily. I am happy to say that this past week I have accomplished this goal! I have recently dusted off my Apple Pencil and decided to give Procreate another try. Most days I am drawing at night while someone is watching a movie or tv show. Which works for me since my husband and I are watching Daredevil right now and let’s just that show can get pretty violent. Thank goodness for my happy art to make it through. Ha! 

This past week one of the drawings that I created was a cat. I found a picture online of a cat and then tweaked it with some changes that would allow it to become my artwork. For example, the original cat did not have as many spots. 

As I create, I hope I can share more with you. 

What type of subjects do you like in your artwork? Do you like animals, flowers, buildings, or nature?

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