Sketching on Cue

I have been participating in Peggy Dean’s Sketchbook Bootcamp these past few weeks. Most days I have not been able to sketch what she has directed for the day. Not because I don’t want to, but time has gotten away from me lately between homeschooling and other commitments. 

Since I have felt, my days are starting to overflow with other to-dos I have decided to change up my morning routine. I continue to write out morning pages, but after I am done, I sketch in my sketchbook.

Fun, fancy framed clock

One fun prompt that she gave was to sketch a fancy picture frame. This was fun to do because a picture of my grandmother Ida and I hangs in front of my desk. In the background is the fanciest clock frame that fits Ida’s style. She was an artist as well and was very thrifty, so she would go to garage sales to find fancy frames for her paintings. Now, these frames looked like they should be in a museum sometimes. She was one stylish lady.

In honor of the theme, I chose to recreate the stylish and fancy frame from my grandmother’s clock in my own style. The medium to create this sketch is markers.

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