Ruthanne Waltz Art ETSY Store is Open!

Last week I opened up my ETSY Store – RuthanneWaltzArt! Currently, I have 7 cards available, and I am going to release some more within the next month. 

The current collection is inspired by joy. I used a limited color palette to create the cards. Using a limited color palette was a fun challenge instead of worrying about what colors to use, I had my colors laid out before I even started. The challenging part was recreating a design multiple times to make sure it was correct. 

Image of my ETSY Store
Image of the 7 cards available in my ETSY store.

There is a missing you card with circles and lettering overlaying the circle pattern. The lettering says, “You have been on my mind”. I think that is my most fun card to make because it was me letting go of expectations and just trying out new ideas. 

The cards are printed through Printful and include free shipping. The price might seem a little high at $6.50, but think about this…the cards are designed by a real artist. The cost to print the cards and mail them to you is also in the cost. If you decide to buy more than 4 cards there is a discount that is automatically applied.

It is hard to believe that my dream that I had a year ago of creating cards has come true! I hope you enjoy the art and designs I am making available. There are so many other ideas of products I can offer through my ETSY account floating around in my head.   

Take a look at my new store by clicking on the button below.

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