Digitized Pumpkin

Last week I created a pumpkin with a cute fairy garden inside of it (Check out the blog here). It was so much fun creating this pumpkin and pretending what it would be like to live inside one that I decided to make a digital version. 

Sketch version of the fairy garden inside the pumpkin

The digital version is way different from the sketch version. For some reason, I could not think of a color to add to the background with circles like in the sketch version, so I left it. The colors were not really preplanned and I chose colors as I drew. 

Digititzed version of a fairy garden inside a pumpkin.

What would you like to have in your surroundings if you lived in a pumpkin? Oh, maybe I could create some more like this idea with various rooms from the house! 

Well, be on the lookout to see if I take this idea further. It might be fun for the month of October.

What colors would you think would be in a pumpkin house? 

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day!

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