Deck The Halls Greeting Card

Hello! It has been a little bit since I have written in my blog. Life with homeschooling has taken over my past month. I am happy to report that I was able to create a little while trying to teach reading and math.

It is hard to believe that the holidays are upon us! We have only 6 more weeks until Christmas. Eek! Thankfully I created some cards back in October in Procreate to send out this year.

The cards are sold in my ETSY store.

The Deck the Halls card was inspired by vintage ornaments. It was fun to create the pine needles and try out a variety of colors.

The ornaments also kind of remind me of my families Christmas tree growing up. My mother had some cool vintage ornaments on her tree. My favorite was these lights that had liquid in the middle and would bubble up! What are your favorite Christmas ornaments?

If you like this card, you can order it from my ETSY shop by clicking on the button below. Receive 20% off if your order more than 4!

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