Leaves with a Blue Background

Hello! Hope this blog post finds you doing well. I drew this digital drawing up last night. 

Whew! Let me tell you about last night. Our sweet guinea pig Caramel’s back legs went paralyzed about a month ago. We realized this week she was not doing so well so we took her to the vet. Sad to say we had to have her put down because her quality of life was not very good. My poor daughter has been in tears all day. This is her first pet to pass away.

Branch with green leaves and blue background.

My kids and I have been listening to the audiobook Harry Potter, The Half-Blood Prince. I drew this branch with leaves while listening to it the other day.

I really love the color combinations on it. 

I have been watching some classes from Liz Kholer Brown about texture, so I decided to be adventurous and add texture to the background.

Well, how have you been my friend? Until next time. 

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