Learning Curve with Affinity

Whew! I had a weekend of learning!  One of my goals is to learn surface design; for that goal, I get to learn Affinity. This weekend I learned more about how to use Affinity in pattern design and let me tell you I had some issues that took some time to figure out.

One way to create a pattern is to use Procreate to draw your artwork in and then move it to Affinity. When I went to put it into Affinity I was getting double lines. Lo and behold you need to pay attention when overlapping the layers where you move your artwork. 

What it looks like to lay the pattern into Affinity.
Picture showing the double lines in the pattern project.

So after hours of working on this problem, I figured it out. I am happy with my first design in Affinity. There are a few ladybugs covered by leaves, but I guess you could say they are hiding. 

Upclose of ladybugs.

Could you see this pattern on anything that you would use such as a journal, a pillow, or a tea towel? 

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