Mood Board For Black, Red & White Quilt

One of my goals for this year is to create a quilt for my son. He was sad when he learned that my mom had made my daughter two quilts and he never got one. Plus, it is my goal to learn surface design, so I am using this opportunity to make him a quilt and learn how to design patterns for a quilt.

The first step to creating a quilt for him is for me to design fabric with him in mind. Now he loves Buffalo red and white plaid. He will match his whole outfit to be plaid sometimes even his socks – one will be black and the other red. 

Some other things he loves are dogs, pandas, and giraffes. I cannot think of a way to incorporate all three into a pattern design collection, so I decided to draw dogs and then use elements throughout the other patterns. Who knows maybe I will create other collections with other things he loves. 

The mood board for my son’s pattern collection for his black, red, and white quilt.

The first step to creating a collection that will work together is to create a mood board. I will admit, I am the fly-by-the-seat kind of gal, so taking my time to plan out a mood board has been a challenge for me. I will use these ideas as a jumping point to help me create the pattern designs.

I also added some quilt layouts that look easy enough onto the mood board to remind me what I would like his quilt to look like.

Now that I have a starting point and ideas, it is time to sign off and draw some dogs. 

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