Creating a Creative Goal to Help Stay Motivated and Sane

Spring is coming! It is officially here, but it has been cold here in Colorado. It snowed here this week after teasing us with a few days of nice weather. The next few days will be fantastic!

I found time to create this week which is always lovely! My goal is to create a pattern three times a week. Having this goal will help me sit down and draw. 

March passed so quickly without me working on any of my artistic pursuits. I did not create anything between homeschooling, working as a virtual assistant, and trying to keep my house from a constant state of chaos. One lesson that I did learn is that I NEED to create! I am a calm and collected mother and wife when I spend some time making artwork or writing. Ha! My husband once asked me, “Ruthanne, have you created lately?”

Because of the wild and crazy month of March, I have decided to make a goal to create three patterns a week. This seems like the plan is a little too big, but I want to shoot for something that seems impossible. 

My first pattern this week was with more ladybugs. I used Procreate and then moved it into Affinity to create the design. I have to admit; I love creating digital art because my tech heart gets to learn new computer techniques that I never knew before. For example, in Procreate, I used the drawing assist and symmetrical drawing to create this pattern. 

My latest ladybug pattern shown in Affinity Designer 2. Affinity Designer helps you create a seemless pattern.

Maybe that could be a tutorial in the future. 

Do you have any creative weekly goals? If so, I would love to hear them.

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