• Whimsical Teacups

    Whimsical Teacups

    Awe one of my favorite drinks to make is chai tea. I gave up coffee sometime ago, so I had to find something that I could drink in the morning instead of coffee. I use this recipe from Fed & Fit. In honor of my love of tea I drew these whimiscal pink and greenish […]

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  • Yellow Tulips on a Cloudy Day

    Yellow Tulips on a Cloudy Day

    One of my favorite things about spring is seeing the tulips starting to bloom. Seeing how it is January and we are getting weekly snow storms, the tulip season seems forever away. Oh well until then, I will draw cheery tulips!  This drawing made me sparked a sense of joy because it reminded me that […]

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  • Blessed Mama Sticker

    Blessed Mama Sticker

    Motherhood is hard, and sometimes it is even harder to remember how blessed we really are. This sticker is a great reminder that you are blessed. You can place this sticker on your favorite water bottle or gift it to that mama friend in your life that needs a reminder that she is awesome! The […]

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  • Lines, Lines, Everywhere There Are Lines

    Lines, Lines, Everywhere There Are Lines

    This morning the prompt from my Bonnie Christine 52 weeks prompt was painted lines. I used a gouache brush in Procreate and created the lines. It almost seemed too simple of an idea, but it was fun to draw and create a variety of lines. It would almost be fun to make a pattern or […]

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  • House Plants

    House Plants

    I love listening to creative podcasts to learn from other artists. One such artist I love listening to is Bonnie Christine, who has a new podcast called “The Professional Creative.” Episode 16, “Developing Your Signature Style”, was a great motivational listen for me because it helped me by providing prompts for the next year to […]

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  • I Love You More Sticker

    I Love You More Sticker

    Ah, when I look at this sticker I picture one of those romantic movies where the couple is saying goodbye to each other and then they start to have an argument about who loves each other more. Is that you or your significant other? It is not me, sorry, I am a more direct-to-the-point kind […]

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