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  • Sprouting Iris’ Through My Drawing

    Sprouting Iris’ Through My Drawing

    One flower that always brings me joy when I see it is the iris. My Grandma Ida loved painting the iris. When I think of her, I always associate the iris with her. This morning I tried drawing this iris from a photo that I took this past summer. If you are ever in Fort […]

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  • Finding Creative Inspiration Through Koblie Blume’s Book “Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes”

    Finding Creative Inspiration Through Koblie Blume’s Book “Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes”

    One book that has helped inspire me to create is Kolbe Blume’s Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes. This book builds upon itself to allow you to gain knowledge on how to paint a variety of watercolor landscapes. This is the second time I have picked up the book. The first time I tried painting from the book, […]

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  • Sand Dunes in the Dark

    Sand Dunes in the Dark

    Day 15 of my hundred days of painting landscapes had me painting the Sand Dunes that are taught in Kolbie Blume’s book Wildnerness Watercolor Landscapes. This was a fun painting to paint, but I started to worry that I was not doing exactly what is taught in the book. Then I remembered that painting is […]

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  • Windmills

    Both of my parents were photographers, so I grew up in a home that honored creativity. I remember riding around the panhandle of Texas with my parents as they looked for windmills to photograph. I still have one of my dad’s photos on my wall in my living room of a windmill that he took. […]

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  • Finding Joy 2/21/22

    Finding Joy 2/21/22

    This past weekend I enjoyed time with my family as we went to the Colorado History Museum. The best thing about going was that all the hands on stuff for the kids was open. I also found joy in painting this past weekend as well. I painted some cards for friends to wish them thank […]

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  • Too Much Water?

    Too Much Water?

    One challenge with watercolor painting is not using to much water. I use the student grade Canson 140lb watercolor paper, so sometimes I feel a little water goes a long way. Today I was trying to paint the sky in this painting from Kolbie Blume’s book, Wilderness Watercolor Landscapes, titled Cotton Candy Sky. The skies […]

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