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  • Trying New Things

    Trying New Things

    Recently I started the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron again. I completed 10 weeks out of 12 weeks of the program in 2020 and thought it was time to restart. I have been in a creative funk lately and was not sure what direction I wanted to go. As it would happen, I […]

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  • Pink Flowers from Denver Botanical Gardens

    Pink Flowers from Denver Botanical Gardens

    Recently I had a chance to visit the Denver Botanical Gardens at York Street. If you have not gone to this botanical garden, I would recommend it! This place is huge!  I enjoyed walking around the various parts and seeing the different styles of gardens. I am sure I missed some parts of the garden. […]

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  • Painting Pansies

    Painting Pansies

    One thing that I love about summer is all the flowers that are blooming! This year, I planted some pansies from seeds this year in a container. I placed the container outside in my backyard, so every time I look out the flowers are inviting me to come to hang out with them. The other […]

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  • Sketching Vacation Memories

    Sketching Vacation Memories

    On our trip to San Diego Zoo this year my children were lucky enough to release the birds when the zoo firsts opens. Of course, like any mom I took a video of the releasing of the birds. Deciding that I want to practice sketching more, I decided to etch the memory of the birds […]

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  • Sketching Cacti from San Diego Zoo

    Sketching Cacti from San Diego Zoo

    Recently my family and I went to the San Diego Zoo for our family vacation. If you have ever been to the San Diego Zoo, you know that there is an abundance of botanicals at the zoo. There is even a tour that you can take to learn more about the botanicals!  Let’s just say […]

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  • Happy Mail

    Happy Mail

    One of my fravorite things to do is sending mail…okay and receiving cards in the mail. Recently I made a card for a dear friend of mine. Unfortunetly I forgot to take a picture of her card, but I did take a picture of the envelope. I used Strathmore Watercolor Cards to spread a little […]

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