Ruthanne Waltz is a multi-disciplinary artist. Concentrating on watercolor painting, digital art, and typography. Her art is inspired by her Grandmother Ida who started painting later in life like Ruthanne. Another artist that inspires Ruthanne is Georgia O’Keeffe.

Presently Ruthanne is focusing on botanicals, birds, and hand lettering. She is excited to learn more about digital art as well!

Ruthanne does not remember a lot from her childhood; however, she does recall that some favorite memories are when her Papa Joe would take her with him to his Poetry Society.

Creativity was a constant in her life when she discovered her love for writing and photography due to her involvement in high school journalism.

Unfortunately, creativity was put to the side once she graduated high school until she turned 40. Ruthanne sent her sister a set of watercolor paints, and the desire to paint was ignited within her. Since then you can find her creating in her spare moments while she mothers her two children.

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