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I am slowly learning how to create in Procreate. One cute art project that I have compelted was this plant with the word grow on it.

Pine Cone Treasures

While celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday the other night, my niece brought in some pine cones to her dad. She told him that they were treasures. These treasures were still on my island after everyone left. The moment was precious and wanted to attempt to draw the pine cones. I probably could have made them bigger. […]

One Piece of Cake Left

The other night my family celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday at my house. It was a nice event with everyone coming over with pizza and eating cake. I was thankful for the box cake mix that allowed me to make a quick cake on a busy day. Maybe one day I will attempt a Red Velvet […]

Three Trees

This past weekend I went for a hike with my family at Chatfield State Park here in Denver, CO. Okay, I have to confess…it was more of a walk since we stayed on the sidewalk path. Most of the lake area is still muddy or wet. We took our dog with us on the walk […]


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