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Whimsical Pumpkin Sketch

Fall is here! I love the changes that nature brings to welcome us into this time of the year. My favorite thing about fall is the changing leaves that offer a variety of colors from red, brown, and yellow. Nature offers such an amazing color palette! It is also the time we start to see more […]

Sketching on Cue

I have been participating in Peggy Dean’s Sketchbook Bootcamp these past few weeks. Most days I have not been able to sketch what she has directed for the day. Not because I don’t want to, but time has gotten away from me lately between homeschooling and other commitments.  Since I have felt, my days are […]

You have been on my mind

One lettering project that I completed the other day was way outside my comfort zone. Usually, I create with flowers, but I felt compelled to draw circles and just use script.  The script reads, “You have been on my mind.” I thought this would be a great card to send to someone you love and […]

Be Joyful in Hope

Joy has been something I have been chasing for the past few years trying to understand what joy means. One joy quote that I have on my desk is from Romans 12:12 which mentions joy and has been something that I glance up at while creating. I have no idea how I came across this […]


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