The Things We Do For Love – My Big Hairy Goal

My mother Judy, aka Grandma Juju, loved sewing quilts for all her grandchildren and children. She would have members of the family sign quilt blocks then she would embroidery by hand their names or whatever art was drawn into the square. For example, one child signed my daughter’s quilt with scribbles and my mom embroidered all the scribbles! 

Not all of her quilts were embroidered, but they are still special. The other day my son saw my daughter’s quilt and got a little jealous that he did not have a quilt made by Grandma Juju. Unfortunately, she stopped making quilts before he was born. 

Picture of a quilt my mom made for my daughter when she was born.

Knowing that one of my goals is to design fabric, I spoke up and told him that I would design and make him a quilt. Okay, maybe I bit off more than I chew, but I think I can do it. I am putting it out on this blog and plan to give regular updates on how my fabric designing and quilt making are going.

This project will take a year to do I am hoping. The first step is to take classes on how to design fabric. Currently, I am a member of Liz Kholer Brown’s The Studio where she offers classes. 

If you have any advice on how to tackle this project, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear how you have gone completed a project like this in the past. 

All I can say is that he better sleep with this quilt forever. Ha!

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